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Flexible output stage for solenoid valve injectors

VeSa is an output stage for electrical control of the solenoid direct injection valves of gasoline and diesel injection systems. These valves are controlled via peak-and-hold current characteristics defined by the injector manufacturer. In series production, this control is performed via specially tuned control units, which are, however, quite inflexible for development tasks. In order to be able to operate different injectors on the injection and engine test bench, but also in the vehicle, VeSa provides a flexible power stage that can be adapted to different injection systems by individually programming the current characteristic of the power stage.

The VeSa H2 can also be used to operate future generations of hydrogen injectors: Due to the poor lubrication properties of H2, it is necessary to guide the injection needle via a current profile according to the manufacturer’s specifications, even in the downshift phase, to ensure wear-free operation.

Key Features

  • full calibration access to parameters and signals via XCP
  • 5×2 controlled current phases
  • 4×2 controlled current phases
  • any profiles from regulated and controlled current phases selectable
  • 2 current profiles for on & off control
  • Boost voltage up to 85 V
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