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VeRa TC 3.0

Toolchain for efficient ECU development

The VeRa TC 3.0 toolchain is the software system for the VeRa ECU family, which enables software to be developed completely model-based. A powerful toolbox provides functions in Matlab/Simulink through which OSEK operating system functions can be used and through which all sensors and actuators can be directly addressed. In addition, VeRa TC 3.0 provides highly integrated blocks for CAN and LIN bus integration and engine control functions such as injection, ignition, cogwheel evaluation, etc.

Via the integrated user interface VeRa Desk, the user creates and organizes function models in a project structure, which are extended, modified and simulated with Matlab/Simulink. The code generator used is Mathworks Simulink Coder for prototype applications and dSPACE Targetlink for series applications. The C code generated in this way is compiled at the push of a button and flashed into the VeRa ECU. At the same time, A2L and S19 files are generated for calibration, which calibration tools such as ETAS INCA or dSPACE ControlDesk NG can process directly.

This fully model-based development approach is the key to meeting today’s ECU requirements, since the ECU can be optimally integrated into an existing E/E architecture both in simulation and in reality. In addition, further developments are implemented in the shortest possible time.

Further features

  • powerful drivers for bus interfaces and motor controllers
  • automatische generierte Simulink-Toolbox individuell für jede VeRa-Variante
  • A2L file export
  • integrated flash tool and integrated system monitor
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