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VeRa 4.0 compact


available 2022

Compact and powerful control unit with many interfaces

VERA 4.0 compact is the continued development of the VeRa 3.0 compact and starts the new generation of VeRa products: Three-core processor with attached system base chip. A total of 6 CAN buses, including 2 CAN FD, prepared for Automotive Ethernet/Broad'R'Reach, all inputs and outputs fully diagnosable. The VERA 4.0 compact retains the familiar form factor and housing and thus continues to represent the compact and cost-optimized version of our product portfolio. The standardized and rugged enclosure without any compromises in calculation power makes VeRa 4.0 compact best choice for many applications.

Today’s markets are characterized by shorter development cycles and increasing competition. In order to succeed in this environment, the limits of possibility have to be kept in sight. Based on our widely used and highly configurable VeRa system we developed VeRa 4.0 compact for cost sensitive powertrain and body applications. Additionally, to prototype and A-sample use it is designed for small series and to bridge the gap between prototype and series.

The consequent use of model-based development methods makes the VeRa family with its comfortable tool-chain VeRa TC a highly cost effective platform, because the developer can concentrate on the function itself, while the interfaces to all automotive sensors and actuators are available and integrated for easy use.

Advanced powertrain components like new sensors and actuators in body and powertrain systems lead to more comfort, safety and environmental functions. And all these functions have to be integrated in the highly distributed E/E-architecture of modern passenger cars, heavy duty vehicles and agricultural and construction machines as well.

Hence the requirements for flexible fleet test and small series ECUs are the combination of many and various network interfaces as CAN, LIN or SENT with on-board actuator power-stages and dedicated sensor inputs.

The full diagnostic capability for all inputs and outputs is a natural demand and the control units have to be robust against any environmental influences. Our systems are both splash and dust proof according to IP6K9K (DIN 40 050). The temperature range fulfils industry standards and allows operation from -40°C to +85°C, and optionally up to 105 °C.

Vera 4.0 compact meets these requirements while bringing the interfaces for current and future sensors and actuators, all fully diagnosable.

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